Recoda is displaying incorrect Breakpoint view in Safari

This only happens in Safari, but when Recoda is enabled, the Oxygen viewport displays content as if it's one breakpoint smaller than what you have selected. In my example, the filters column on my store is set to stack vertically below 992. With Recoda enabled and Page Width Breakpoint selected (1440 in my case), it dispays the content stacked vertically, even though it says the viewport is 992 wide and should be horizontal. When I disable Recoda and open the template again, the 1440 breakpoint displays horizontally as it should. If I use Firefox (which I guess I will be now) the colums display horizontally at the 1440 breakpoint view with Recoda on and off (as it should) As far as I can tell, it doesn't cause any problems on the front end. The only problem is that it tricks me into making changes in the builder to correct problems that don't actually exist because it's being displayed wrong. Then it messes up the front end. First image with Recoda enabled. Second image with Recoda Disabled.