New Blockpad UX

/----/ Extended by Recoda: **Magic key:** I am extending this report with new UX logic which should make Blockpad much more predictable and logical: - when you select another element it will auto-hide - you can toggle ON/OFF Blockpad on Code Block by clicking MAGIC KEY on IntlBackslash, or Backquote event code (Human explain: key on keybaord below Esc and left to number 1) - You can select some element, edit that element @Renato /----/ **Blockpad persists when selecting other elements** Hi When using blockpad (which is brilliant) clicking on another element in the structure panel doesn't change the left hand column, it remains on blockpad instead of going to the selected elements primary controls. Clicking the back arrow in BP auto selects its codeblock so you must then reselct the element in structure. Mostly not a massive pain but can be confusing if editing two or more codeblocks. P