Preview CSS Class on mouse-hover & CLI

I would like to suggest a feature that would significantly enhance the user experience when adding CSS classes. Currently, there is no visual way to preview what a CSS class will do before applying it to an element. So often we end trial and error, adding and removing manually, which is a huge waste of time. Implementing the following would be a major improvement: * Mouse Hover Preview: When hovering over a CSS class name in the selection list, on Mouse-Hover, Recoda could demonstrates the styling effects of that class. * CLI Controls: For command-line interface lovers, the same preview functionality could be triggered with the already used key-up and down movement on the class preview list. Benefits: * Streamlines Styling Workflow: Eliminates trial-and-error when choosing classes, making design decisions faster. * User-friendliness: Especially helpful for all who use CSS Libraries or have big collections of different styles for same kind of elements. * Efficiency: Reduces time spent manually applying and removing classes to check their visual effect.